Текст песни Near You Always, Jewel

Please don t say I love you,
Those words touch me much to deeply
And they make my core tremble,
Don t think you realize the affect you have over me,
And please don t come so close,

It just makes me want to make near me always

And please don t kiss me so sweet,
It makes crave a thousand kisses to follow
And please don t touch me like that,
Makes every other embrace seem pale and shallow,
Please don t look at me like that,

It just makes want to make you near me always,

And please don t bring me flowers,
They only whisper the sweet things you d say,
Don t try to understand me your hands already too much anyway

It makes me want to make you near me always.

Your hands are in my hair but, my heart is in your teeth baby, and it makes me wanna make you near me al-always (repeat 1)

Wanna be near you al-always
Wanna be near you always